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Features: - Variable fabric feed speed from 0 to 50 m / 1 ' Entrance from large, small roll and flap and arrival on a small roll, consisting of: -unrolling SAE00 machine suitable to perform from a trolley with rolled shaft (1 3/8 "Z6 and height from the ground 1150 mm) through cardan joint with axial motorization and controlled by a 3-cylinder pendulum dancer, (with balancing by means of proximity control and regulation pneumatic tension of the fabric). This uncooler (mounted on wheels) has been designed to carry rolls with a maximum diameter of 1500 mm. and it is particularly suitable when a perfect constant tensioning of the fabric is necessary in the absence of contact by cylinders on the same
A vector inverter ensures correct balancing of the towing during unrolling. The electric motor is contained in an electro-welded steel structure with cooling openings and can be installed on both sides of the roll-holder trolley; the unrolling can take place both with the right of the fabric inside and outside the roll and the positioning can be carried out both on the right and on the left. - Uncooling unit with 220 mm diameter cylinders. with electronic adjustment of the fabric tension suitable for rolls of max. 500 mm. - Entry from the pitch with a pair of motorized cylinders - Electropneumatic operated locking device - Spiral expanding cylinder with independent motor at fixed speed at the entrance of the machine before the dancer - Photocell for entry from roll, large roll and flap - Perforated belt (smooth) with internal suction for transporting the fabric in the absence of tension
- Table with plexiglass for clear vision with 4 lamps, additional cylinder for changing the fabric slope with extraction up to 200 mm. - Two-color ribbon to create the lining effect with motorized selection control - Motorized table adjustment control that allows you to vary the inclination from vertical to 45 ° Parabola operator shoulders for lighting control surface composed of 3 pairs of lamps Balancer vertical compensator with control by proximity and pneumatic regulation of the fabric tension - Rolling trolley with 220 mm diameter cylinders. with electronic regulation of the compactness of the roll, suitable for wrapping fabric rolls with a max diameter of 500 mm. including automatic centering of selvedges - Electronic meter counter with possibility of error correction, display reading, RS232 data output - Double pair of pneumatic actuators with a pair on the right side of the fabric, the right side with the centering photocells and the left with manual screw centering and a couple on the wrong side of the fabric manually adjustable with knobs - Spiral expanding cylinder (on fabric reverse side) with independent speed fixed motor and relative electro-pneumatic by-pass, positioned under the cylinders of the winder - Push-button control with swiveling bar sideways pivoted - Load cell weighing machine (applied on reel) complete with mechanical components, display for reading, cardboard tube pretax, RS 232 data output, maximum capacity Kg. 100 - Double pair of pneumatic uncontrolled rollers of which one pair on the right side and one on the wrong side of the fabric, manually adjustable with knobs, positioned on the flap input


ManufacturerGUIDO REGIS
Width2000 mm
Working Width1850 mm