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Mercerizing machine for hanks of 54 "(rough reeling yarn), Model HL2000 -System compost from 2 separate compartments for the treatment of hanks in caustic soda, and two separated mobile compartments for washing. -Electronic control of the position of the hooks and force, maximum capacity of 70ton -Use up to 10 hooks of 1 kg. for total 10kg yarn for each work cycle. - work cycle single mercerization, or double mercerization. -Inputs for 3 wash water, three discharges separate, input to a caustic soda, pneumatically controlled. - Each machine produces about 100 kg/h of hanks yarn 1Kg/cad. for a total of 800Kg to turn. - 2 automatic loaders for hanks - Hydraulic system 11Kw with control from, oil cooling system with water, hydraulic movements at variable flow control, with 4 hydraulic cylinders controlled in position encoders. -Electrical panel with two doors with electronic PLC and Workstation control data work programs residents and selectable. Framework to a pneumatic door. Construction year end 1999. - A mixing plant for the preparation of caustic soda mercerization hanks, construction Switzerland manufactured by Merc-Control ag Kasag; model "Eco-Block". Complete installation of the heat exchanger and circulation pump for the cooling of caustic soda, pneumatic control of the concentration with scale values Baume, suitable for work with two mercerizing. Construction year end 1999. - A system for the separation of impurities present in the washing solution, such as spinning oils, wetting agents dispersed in the bathroom of lye, pectins and sugars derived from treated cellulose during mercerization. Manufactured by Merc-Control a.g. Kasag; model "Separator OAS." Construction year end 1999.


Width1550 mm
Working Width1370 mm