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Width2300 mm


characteristics: . useful fabric height max. mm.2300, min. mm.800, cylinders mm.2500 . working speed from 0 to 60 mt/min, adjustable by means of a potentiometer. a device for the automatic adjustment of the acceleration allows to reach gradually at the start, any value of speed 'set on the machine, thus avoiding tears to the fabric . forward/stop/reverse gear buttons and speed adjustment potentiometer, placed on the articulated arm, to allow an easy operation? (arm with double joint) . motorized slatted spreader, complete with reverse exclusion, and placed before the towing cylinder. introduction of the fabric from: . pneumatic lift, with adjustable supports for rolls diam. max. 550. the unwinding takes place towing. .adjustable fabric tends placed at the entrance of the machine. . towing cylinder covered with rubber and controlled by motor. . visit table in black matte ant, with a field of view of 1300mm. about, with the possibility of varying pneumatically the inclination of the table itself at the end. . motorized carpet placed in the lower part of the mobile table. this system allows to vary electrically the final part of the table, from white to black, to light table. . led lighting lamp, located above the visiting table with led light. . electronic meter counter with digital numbers, with detection arm, and with serial output rs232. . fabric aligner group controlled by photocell, which allows the alignment of the fabric. . rolling up by contact on two rubber coated cylinders, for rolls diam.159mm., with electronic device, which allows to realize the constant adjustment of the hardness of the roll. . max. diameter rolls mm.450. . dancer placed after the verification table. . electronic weighing with load cells, placed under the cylinders of scrico rolls.