STENTER 1998 BRUCKNER VN 24/6 2400 mm GAS


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  • stenter for knittings
  • vertical pin chain,
  • composed of:
  • high entry with CORINO opening and spreading device
  • finishing foulard BRUCKNER roller width 2600 mm working width is 2400 mm
  • CORINO weftstraightener
  • overfeeding and chain entry with TANDEMATIC selvedge opener
  • vertical chain with anti-pinning device
  • long entry for knits and steaming field
  • selvedge glueing
  • IR pre-dryer for selvedges (to assure that, if working at high speed, the glued selvedges leave the drying fields completely dried)
  • 6 drying fields with 12 gas burners, 12 temperature controllers and 12 air circulation ventilators
  • cooling field
  • MAHLO Gravimat
  • selvedge trimming
  • exit with plaiter, A-frame winding or small roller CORINO non-stop with illuminated inspection


ModelVN 24/6
Working Width2400 mm
Type of HeatingGAS